18W Led recessed downlight panel "Square" 4000K 1530Лм 220х220


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Led recessed downlight panel "Square" 18W LPS-18W in ultrathin body. Power 18 W luminous flux 1530 LM, color temperature – 4000 K, beam angle – 160 °.

The main advantage of these led lamps is its thickness, which is only 15 mm. Thanks to its slim aluminium enclosure the panel can be embedded to almost any suspension design. The square shape and small size of the lamp is only 170 mm allows it to be used for spot lighting and for lighting small spaces. Led panel LPR-18W ideal for a main light in the small corridors, kitchens and bathrooms and can be installed in suspended ceilings.

Main advantages of led recessed luminaires, "square" 18 W:

  • simplicity and ease of installation (easy to install in drywall, suspended ceilings, ceilings type "Armstrong" and can be installed in walls);
  • thickness is only 15 mm (perfect for installation in rooms with low ceiling space);
  • connected directly to network 110-240V (no need extra power supply);
  • without the need to replace burned out light bulbs (the operating costs are virtually absent);
  • the LEDs no mercury vapor, no harmful UV rays as in fluorescent lamps;
  • LED lights are included (for example fluorescent lamps run at least 1 - 3 seconds. depending on wear);
  • absence of stroboscopic effect and sound of the humming of the throttle plates as in fluorescent lamps.

Aluminum housing of these LED panels is a good heat sink, so the LEDs will Shine equally bright throughout its lifetime (30,000 hours). The light source uses high-quality modern highly efficient SMD LEDs, which are located in the front side and illuminate the inside of the lamp. The light passes through special diffusers, heading down. The luminous flux is soft, comfortable, uniform and rich.

Main features of led recessed panels "square" 18 W:

  • power: 18 watts (analog of filament lamp 150W);
  • beam angle: 160 °;
  • color rendering index: > 75 Ra;
  • work with a large temperature range: -20°C ... +40°C;
  • color temperature: 4000 K (neutral white light);
  • luminous flux: 1530 LM;
  • power factor: > 0,9;
  • lifespan: 30 000 hours.
Model LPS-18W
Housing material aluminum
Material of a plafond plastic
Colour white
Color of the ceiling white
Emission color white
Type of lamp led
Lamp type LED
Luminous flux (brightness) 1530 Лм
Luminous efficiency 85 Лм/Вт
Execution embeddable
Cartridge LED
Maximum capacity 18 W
Degree of protection IP20
The temperature of the light 4000 К
Voltage 110-240V
Lifetime 30 000 hours
The light spread 160°
Dimensions (LxWxH) 220х220х15 мм
Installation size 206х206 мм

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