18W Led recessed downlight "Square" glass 4000K 1560Лм 200x200 mm LPSG-18W


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Led recessed downlight panel "Square" glass LPSG 18W-18W has a compact body. Power – 18W, luminous flux 1560 LM, color temperature – 4000 K, beam angle – 160°.

Due to its compact size and original design of these recessed led lights are gaining wide popularity among consumers. The small thickness of the lamp, only 35 mm, allows to build it in areas with little ceiling space. A familiar square shape of the lamp, makes a very wide range of its application is General lighting in kitchens, corridors, bathrooms, storage rooms and other ancillary facilities. Also the lamp can be used as a source of local light - his light-emit elements of the interior or especially important parts of the premises. Also a distinctive feature of the lamps "square" 18W "Glass" is the glass lens that protrudes beyond the body of the lamp in the light emission process of the light passing through a glass lens and is refracted along the perimeter of the lamp there is a halo of light. This effect makes extensive use of the lamp "Square" 18W "Glass" in the design space.

High luminous flux for the lamp of this size and absence of stroboscopic effect inherent to fluorescent lamps, making it not interchangeable with the lighting of offices, educational institutions and offices. Its soft and even light does not cause eye strain, which positively affects performance. The glass cover of the lamp lends itself to wet cleaning and this makes it suitable for lighting of pharmacies and medical institutions.

Recessed led lights have many good features:

  • Lightweight materials make the weight of small that allows you to install it in all types of ceilings – gispokarton, suspended ceilings type "Armstrong";
  • Double-layer diffuser reduces the light emitted reliable SMD diodes;
  • In this series of lamps aluminum housing has an additional radiator fins - the lamp has high heat-conductive characteristics which extends the life of the LEDs;
  • Led lamps reduce consumption of electricity than reduce CO2 emissions
Model LPSG-18W
Housing material aluminum
Material of a plafond Glass
Colour white
Color of the ceiling transparent
Emission color white
Type of lamp led
Lamp type LED
Luminous flux (brightness) 1560 Лм
Luminous efficiency 87 LM/W
Execution embeddable
Cartridge LED
Maximum capacity 18 W
Degree of protection IP20
The temperature of the light 4000 К
Voltage 110-240V
Lifetime 30 000 hours
The light spread 160°
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200х200х35 мм
Installation size 162х162 мм
Additional options Lights only be installed indoors. Included: driver, staples.

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