6W Led recessed downlight panel "Square" 4000K 490Лм 120x120 mm LPS-6W


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Light-emitting diode fixtures vstrayvaemыy panel "Square" 6 W LPS-6W in ultrathin shell. POWER - 6 W, svetovoy flow - 490 lm, Colour temperature - 4000 K ugol rasseyvanyya of light - 160 °.

Benefits The main thing light-emitting diode fixtures This data ego thickness, kotoraja sostavljaet Total of 15 mm. Thanks to the thin shell alyumynyevomu эtu panel can vstroyt Almost a beloved podvesnuyu Constructions. A square shape and nebolshoy fixtures Total Size 120 mm Require ego allows us to tochechnoy for backlight and lighting nebolshyh premises. LED panels LPS-6W of an ideal podhodyat for basic nebolshyh of light in corridors, kitchens and lavatory mogut ustanavlyvatsya in podvesnыe natyazhnыe and ceilings.

Main Benefits vstrayvaemыh light-emitting diode fixtures "square" W 6:

  • udobstvo and ease of installation (easy ustanavlyvayutsya in gypsum, natyazhnыe ceilings, ceilings type "Armstrong", as well as mogut montyrovatsya stenы);
  • Total thickness of 15 mm (Ideal for installation in the premises with nebolshym mezhpotolochnыm space);
  • Connection to a network napryamuyu 110-240 V (not Need a dopolnytelnыh POWER blocks);
  • Replacement is not required perehorevshyh lampochek (zatratы in operation Virtually absent);
  • a light-emitting diode absent parы mercury, as well as no vrednoho ultrafyoletovoho radiation, How to lyumynestsentnыh lamps;
  • LED fixtures vklyuchayutsya Immediately (for example lyumynestsentnыe Lighting Launching of not less than 1 - 3 sec., In dependence from yznosa);
  • stroboskopycheskoho absence and the effect of sound from hudenyya plates drosselya, How to lyumynestsentnыh fixtures.

Aluminum housing LED fixtures эtyh panels javljaetsja good heatsink, Therefore, light-emitting diodes WILL BE LIGHT Bright equally to protyazhenyy Total svoeho life settings (30 000 hours). AS A Qualitative yspolzuyutsya the source of light SMD Modern highly effective light-emitting diodes, kotoryya raspolozhenы in tortsovыh sidewalls and svetyat vovnutr fixtures. Light passes through the system of special svetorasseyvateley, napravlyayas down. Svetovoy flow turns soft, komfortnыm, ravnomernыm and nasыschennыm.

Main characteristics of the light-emitting diode panels vstrayvaemыh "square" W 6:

  • POWER: 6 W (similar Incandescent lamps 60W);
  • ugol rasseyvanyya of light: 160 °;
  • tsvetoperedachy index:> 75 Ra;
  • Business bands at Bolshoi temperature: -20 ° C ... + 40 ° C;
  • Colour temperature: 4000 K (Indifferent White Light);
  • svetovoy flow 490 lm;
  • Factor-power:> 0.9;
  • life settings: 30 000 hours.
Model LPS-6W
Housing material aluminum
Material of a plafond plastic
Colour white
Color of the ceiling white
Emission color white
Type of lamp led
Lamp type LED
Luminous flux (brightness) 490 Лм
Luminous efficiency 82 LM/W
Execution embeddable
Cartridge LED
Maximum capacity 6 W
Degree of protection IP20
The temperature of the light 4000 К
Voltage 110-240V
Lifetime 30 000 hours
The light spread 160°
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120х120х15 мм
Installation size 114х114 мм
Additional options Светильники устанавливать только внутри помещений. В комплекте: драйвер, скобы.

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